Times Square Art Square Appoints Hrag Vartanian as Curator for Landmark 2013 Public Art Exhibition

Times Square Art Square (TSAS) today announced the appointment of world-renowned curator, editor and critic, Hrag Vartanian, as Chief Curator for the 2013 debut of its landmark “Art Square” public art exhibition in Times Square. Vartanian will select artists and works to display on Times Square’s iconic billboards and will advise TSAS in developing exhibition priorities for the organization’s artistic program going forward.

“With an incredible understanding of contemporary art and art history, combined with his commitment to cultural development and collaboration, Hrag exemplifies the program values and philosophy of Art Square,” says TSAS’s Angela Moschetta.  “He is an articulate and thoughtful critic, possessing a clear viewpoint that maintains the highest integrity while oft demonstrating a healthy and fresh sense of irreverence. In the cacophonous and somewhat chaotic space that is Times Square, Hrag is uniquely capable of making a cohesive and transformative artistic statement.”

2013 will mark the debut of Art Square. a large scale public art exhibition in which billboard advertising in Times Square is replaced with dedicated art installations. Organizers intend to grow the size and scope of the exhibition over time such that it repeats on an annual basis in a full, month-long format and also includes ground level installations, pop-up galleries, performance art and more.

“Today marks a very important milestone in the lead up to Art Square,” says TSAS Founder Justus Bruns. “To bring Hrag Vartanian’s knowledge of the curation of media, art, visual communications into the Times Square Art Square mix at this stage affirms the credibility and viability of the project while underscoring our unwavering commitment to artistic integrity. Hrag is always engaged in debates about the nature of public and private space and nowhere is that debate more poignant than in Times Square.”

Hrag Vartanian is a Syrian-born, Canadian-raised, resident of Brooklyn, New York. He is co-founder and editor-in-chief of the popular and progressive Hyperallergic art blogazine, which was the winner of Best Art Blog at the 2011 Art & Reality Conference in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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