Pledge a Sketch #Sketchathon AMSTERDAM

The weekend of 10th & 11th of November our friends at Lev Kaupas hosted their own Pledge A Sketch #Sketchathon in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In one short week, the TSAS & Lev Kaupas teams were able to pull off an event with over 30 artists (We can’t thank you guys and girls enough for your willingness to participate!) who made well over 100 portraits. The event raised money and awareness for Art Square AND also for Sandy relief, as organizers designated 10% of all funds raised for the Mayor’s Fund to Advance Hurricane Relief.

The plan in short: artists x portraits for donations

In addition to an online order form, many people who heard of the Sketchathon decided to drop by and pose live and in person for the participating artists. Portrait subjects ranged from the cutest baby photos to entire families and even a horse!

Below you’ll find an overview of the event, if you’d like to see more picture go to the Facebook page of the Sketchathon.


Photography by @artsquare

Artist working hard at work to finish the ordered portraits.

Photography by Nicole Donkers

From digital image to drawn portrait.

Photography Joost de Leij

One of our gifted artists at work.

Photography by Nicole Donkers

Quite a selection already, halfway through the Sketchathon.

Some portraits were made in a less-ordinary ‘pencil + paper’ manner.

Photography by @artsquare

In tape…. or  even embroidered.

Photography by @artsquare

Different techniques resulting in different portraits.

Photography by @artsquare

Do check all of the wonderful results by visiting the portrait photo album and keep in mind that, due to popularity, some of our artists are still working on completing all the special requests they received during the Sketchathon. These portraits will be added to the album shortly.

Thank you to everyone who participated, especially our artists and volunteers. And many thanks to those that commissioned portraits. You made for a very fun event and helped support two great causes. And we can’t forget our amazing sponsors Coffee Bru, Epson, Searcle, Vedett and 24/7 pizza who came through with great food, coffee and equipment in support of the the 2-day Sketchathon.

If you missed the opportunity to order your portrait during the Amsterdam event, don’t fret. TSAS is hosting our own New York version on December 16th at Alley NYC. 100 artists x 100 portraits = 10,000 works of art in one day! Get ready.

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