Times Square Art Square (TSAS) Foundation was established in 2009 in support of certain ideals:  art should be more accessible, public space should reflect and advance the public within it and art and commercialism can not merely coexist, but actually advance one another. Art Square was borne from this foundation. TSAS remains wholly committed to introducing fresh and exciting content to Times Square, maintaining the artistic integrity of featured art and artists and ensuring that all elements of Art Square are always free and open to the public.


angelaAngela Moschetta, Director

Angela brings more than 15 years of management and strategic communications experience to the team. Upon graduating from Boston University with a B.S. in Public Relations, she ran a Boston-based boutique advertising and PR firm that served Fortune 100 companies and national non-profits. Today, she heads up Nose It All, a strategic communications consultancy she founded in 2006, while also managing operations, communications and partnerships at TSAS. Angela is based in New York City, yet almost always found somewhere else in the world.

justusJustus Bruns, Founder

Justus founded TSAS in the Netherlands in 2009 while pursuing a B.S. in Industrial Design Engineering at Technical University of Delft. A crowdfunded plane ticket brought him to New York City in 2010. It was then that he made his very first visit to Times Square and, undeterred, established the organization’s permanent home in the US. Justus currently runs Bruns & Niks, a design consultancy focused on digital strategy that maintains offices in Amsterdam and Brussels. He remains TSAS’s greatest ambassador, attracting support and talent from all around the world.

Alexander Bakkes

Alexander Bakkes, Herald

Alexander studied history at the University of Amsterdam and is today committed to promoting sustainable community development practices in our real and virtual worlds. He is Co-Founder and Principal of Bakkes Knoop, a Netherlands-based sheep herding business that supplies humanely raised organic meat to high end restaurants and purveyors. As one of the original members of TSAS, Alexander has been an integral part of developing and maintaining the international community backing the project. 

maartenMaarten Jansen, Programmer

An alumnus of Karel de Grote’ Hogeschool in Antwerp, Maarten is among the world’s most in demand web and app developers. His lengthy resume includes everything from financial services apps to entire social engagement platforms and boasts an impressive client roster including Facebook and Tomorrowland. After a two year stint with iCapps, Maarten recently launched his own company, Asentrik, from his homebase in Belgium. While continuing to serve clients across the globe with complex and engaging solutions, he also manages all of TSAS’s digital strategy and tools. 

ambarAmbar Surastri, Engager

Upon graduating from Vrije University in Amsterdam with a Master of Law degree in 2009, Ambar embarked on a series of entrepreneurial initiatives that combine cultural development and community engagement. In 2010, she founded Present Plus, a consultancy and incubator, and helped steer creative innovation and technological strategy for clients such as WeTransfer and Kuvva. Her work with Haas & Hahn set their Favela Painting Project up to be the largest community driven artwork of all time. At TSAS, Ambar leverages her vast network and varied skillset to grow Art Square’s exposure and manage the organization’s blog. 

jeroenJeroen van de Ruit, Designer

Jeroen is a freelance illustrator and designer based in Rotterdam. He is currently pursuing a Master’s in Design Engineering at Technical University of Delft. He joined TSAS in 2013 as an intern and has since established himself as an indispensable part of the organization. With his remarkable drafting and rendering skills, Jeroen oversees the design of myraid internal and external communiques critical to advancing Art Sqaure and maintaining the TSAS community.